2015 – Most Philosophical 3rd Grader in America

Elise Pelham, Tennessee.

Which Has More Impact on Society, Violence or Compassion?

I believe that violence has more impact on our society. Violence makes more violence. For example, when my brother hits me, sometimes I hit back, even though I’m not supposed to hit. On the news, people see more violence than compassion. That suggests that there is more violence in society. They put violent stuff, not to scare people, but to let people know about safety issues. However, seeing violence makes it seem normal.

Compassion is not on the news more often than violence because it is quiet, not exciting. Like a bomb exploding, violence creates a huge, empty hole in our society. Maybe compassion can fill it, act by act. Caring for others without being asked could change our society in a big way, even if it doesn’t make a bigger impact first.


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