Get involved with philosophy!

Volunteers, interns and mentors are needed for the 2006 Kids Philosophy Slam. If you are a teacher at any level, college student or professor: volunteer to help read essays, develop creative lesson plans, become a philosophy mentor to a student or classroom, or help get the word out about the Kids Philosophy Slam to other schools around the country and around the world.

If you are a high school student, find out how you can help promote philosophy, become a mentor or philosophy pen pal to a younger student, and become a Philosophy Advocate.

If you are an elementary or middle school student, sign up as an Official Philosophy Intern. Philosophy interns will receive the Official Kids Philosophy Slam Intern Thinking Kit, complete with an official KPS Intern sticker, making you an official Kids Philosophy Slam Intern dedicated to exploring, thinking and inspiring others.

For more information on how to help, or if you would like to be an Official Philosophy Intern and receive a Kids Philosophy Slam intern thinking kit, contact us at

Kids 12 years old and under, please have your teacher or parent send in your request to become an intern.

Please let us know what grade you are in so we can e-mail the appropriate information for your grade level. If you are a teacher, parent, college professor or student, please include your mailing address with your inquiry. Thank you!

To help in general, e-mail other students, teachers, classes and schools around the country or around the world. Help us spread the word about the Kids Philosophy Slam.