Mariana Gaeta
7th Grade Honorable Mention

The Meaning of My Life

     My goal is to go to college, get a job, and be someone people look up to.
     I want to go to college because I want a good education, so I can get a good job. I want to go to Harvard. One of the reasons I want to go to Harvard is because Harvard is the best college in the US. Another reason is because of my past. My grandmother died when I was six years old, worst of all, I only saw her once before she died, when I was two years old. It was a hard moment. To make it even harder that year, when she died, my family and I were going to Los Angeles, California, where she lived. I was so happy that I was finally going to see my grandparents again. But a few days before we left, my cousin called and said my grandma was very sick. The next day my mom told my dad; they changed the date we were going to California; and they got permission from the school I went to at the time so my older sister and I could go; and they got everything else ready. The next day we left for California. But it was too late; she was dead. When I was starting to forget, my cousin, Jose, died in a car accident.
     I want to have a good job and get paid well. So, I will not work on Saturday or Sunday, so I will have time for my family and myself. I also want to get paid well so I can buy a car, a house, pay my bills, and help my mom and dad.
     I want to be someone people could look up to. I want to prove that if you never give up, you will reach your goals. I want to prove that no matter how hard things seem: You have to keep going. I want to prove that nothing is impossible.
     I think I am here to prove that no matter how hard things are, you should NEVER give up.

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