Rachel Fireman
3rd Grade Honorable Mention


     When leaves drop and pinecones fall, life moves on. I may play games or watch TV, but life still moves on. The air is warm, the grass is green, but life still moves on. Soon the air will be cold, and the grass will turn to snow. Now I’m a year older and thinking back. What was I doing then? What was I thinking? I must have been thinking of something, but what?
   &mbsp; I might be happy or sad, but life still moves on. I might be having a bad day, but life still goes on. At night, I am thinking of what I was doing during that day, how was I doing it, life still goes on. An hour later, I am still struggling for an answer, but I can’t get one.
I’m wondering, "What’s happening? Why is life going so fast?" Life is a chance and that’s the pattern.

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