Shalini Jayawickrama
3rd Grade Honorable Mention

The Meaning of Life

Sometime people wonder, "What is the meaning of life?" Well, I'm going to tell you what the meaning of life is for me.
     I think the meaning of life is to learn. You can learn from your friends, family, enemies, and mistakes. I think that because you can get wiser and teach others. Then the world won’t have mistakes in it.
     Another thing, I think, is to be happy. Nobody wants to be miserable all their life. I think you should enjoy life. Everyone wants to be happy and have some fun.
     I also think you should wonder about stuff. You should also ask questions, like about life, the world, and universe. You will probably never get an answer to some of your questions and wonders. That is what I think the meaning of life is.

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